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Reflective Wristband



( SoftReflector )
€2.00 (including 23 % tax)

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11abfl-prodinfo-12Daisies Wristband - Adjustable and an additional reflective accessory to be used together with certified safety reflectors  which comes with printing on one side as shown in the picture. Well reflective high performance material but because of the shorter distance of visibility, this is not EN 13356 certified.

€ 5,00 minimum purchase at Mini-Boutique.

Price includes:
- packaged inside a clear polythene bag
  with printed instructions for use
- IVA (Portugal VAT)
- freight/postage paid* - in Portugal and Europe

Delivered with in 4-5 working days 24 hours
after receiving your order.

* Freight costs included with the Portuguese postal service CTT™ anywhere in Europe -only!

© This product´s design copyright and functionality are owned by Softreflector® LLC

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