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Effective high-tech design without any power source of its own
enables the motorists to see you from a long distance in the dark.


A pedestrian safety reflector is the most inexpensive sort of life insurance you can get.

By reflecting back 90% of the light from a headlight of an oncoming vehicle the pedestrian reflector makes you visible from much further away and sooner to the driver in dusk, dawn and dark.

A reflector, also called a "retro reflector", reflects the light back into direction of the light source. Pedestrian reflectors provide safety only if they are tested and certified with a certain optical quality, which means they can be seen at minimum distance of 130 meters.

The measurement of quality: CE-standard for "High-visibility accessories for non-professional use", which states the minimum requirements for pedestrian reflectors, for reflecting values, water tightness, markings, etc. The standard requires extensive testing series, according to which the reflector is tested and after these tests, it still has to obtain the minimum requirement of reflecting value, which is 400 C.I.L.

Only properly tested reflectors and reflective products can be qualified
as safety reflectors or safety items within the CE -standards and EN -certificated.

? You might see the oncoming cars, but without a safety reflector in the dark the drivers
don´t see you soon enough walking on the side of the road or crossing the street. 




? Be aware that some brands of reflectors may look the same but would not pass the requirement for reflectivity and give a false sense of safety to  anyone who uses them.


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