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Walking is the most natural way to get from one point to another;
it is healthy for everybodyand especially practical for the elderly and children.
However, pedestrians are vulnerable in traffic accident as they are unprotected.


Until year 2010 Portugal managed to half the number of deaths in traffic by spending years on campaigning, educating and by reconstructing the roads, but still too many pedestrians are victims for some sort of a road accident every day. Every year more than five thousand pedestrians are reported as victims in traffic accidents in Portugal, of these victims 15% will be seriously injured and too many lives are lost.

The high numbers of pedestrian accidents are explained by the intensity of traffic in urban areas where more people and cars use the same space on day time, but counter measured by percent most fatale pedestrian accidents among adults are occurred during the dark, because the visibility is reduced and with less traffic the speed of the vehicles increase, resulting that the forces in an impact is more devastating.

The only effective life saving devices developed to be worn by pedestrians
are still the safety vest and a pedestrian safety reflector.

The risk of getting into an accident in urban areas during the dark is twice as high as during daytime. Outside urban areas the risk is even higher! The risk of getting into an accident in the dark without a safety reflector is 8 times higher compared to when using one. All studies ever made are showing that it is equally important to use reflectors also in urban areas.


Each traffic accident is away from the well being in a community. For example, when a victim of a traffic accident use a hospital bed, this means it may not be available to others requiring medical treatment.

Pedestrians need to be well visible in traffic, so the drivers have better chances to avoid accidents by noticing a pedestrian from a safe distance. Persons killed or injured in traffic accidents in the dark are almost always without any reflecting clothing or without a safety reflector, which is the cheapest life insurance you can buy for yourself and your family…
Be Seen – Be Safe!


? Be aware that some brands of reflectors may look the same but would not pass the requirement for reflectivity and give a false sense of safety to  anyone who uses them.


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