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SegurançAgora.com is serious about choosing only excellent products that we can offer you as reflective safety and we make safety a statement with all our certificated high quality and life-saving reflective products!

Manufacturers and importers of reflectors are obliged to ascertain their safety. Reflectors are personal protective devices which come within the scope of the Personal Protective Equipment Directive.

Our pedestrian safety reflectors with the best prismatic reflector films are more than well competitive in the market about their quality, complying the CE standards.

Products with in the reflective safety offered by SegurançAgora.com™ for personal protection are produced by professionals under the control of authorities.

Our pedestrian safety reflectors are: 

? Tested, and safety rated with CE EN certification 
? Produced by using Nordic high technology for best reflectivity
   in all weather conditions
? Smart, lightweight and durable
? Offered with different options to be attached on clothing
? Just keep tucked inside your pocket on daytime
   and pull out when the light fades!
? Delivered inside individual packing with required instructions
? Inexpensive and effective protection, no batteries required
? Your best aid to ensure night time visibility and safety
? Fun and colourful in handy sizes and printable for promotion!

Please, read instructions how to use safety reflectors.

Our safety reflectors for pets are:
? of same high quality as the safety reflectors made for pedestrians
? not certificated because there are no standards set on reflectors for animals
? safe and easy to use, and also printable

Our non certificated reflecting products are:
? still highly visible using the same reflective material as safety reflectors
? printable and excellent for promotional purposes

See our Reflector Shop for product details.

? SegurançAgora.com™ is a distributor and retailer of reflective safety products in Portugal authorised by world leading manufacturers of safety reflectors



? Be aware that some brands of reflectors may look the same but would not pass the requirement for reflectivity and give a false sense of safety to  anyone who uses them.



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