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Advertising that promotes traffic safety by preventing accidents and save lives,
is valuable to us all.

Make a statement about your company and make a difference in your community!

Pedestrian Safety Reflectors are an advertising medium that work 24 hours a day for a long time and a growing consumer product as soon it is a mandatory “must have” device in all EU countries, as it’s been proven that regular use of reflectors actually helps reduce the traffic accident and death rates at dawn, in the twilight and in the dark.


Anything printed under the reflective film is seen and noticed discreetly from different angles, which is more attractive for the user to wear at night when your promotion does the work for safety.

? SegurançAgora.com™ offer printable soft prismatic Pedestrian Safety Reflectors of the highest safety quality, with your branded message at prices you can afford.

? Safety Reflectors should be used by everybody such as school children, night shift workers, night walkers or joggers, cyclists and bikers exposed to traffic especially on unlit roads, which makes them excellent devices as corporate gifts.

? We can offer you different reflector shapes in hundreds, but also a shape of your own in a matter of few weeks from your order.

? Small quantity orders on our standard products can be made Online, or tell us about your need in usage, shape and quantity and we will search for the best option to carry out your wishes.

? Our Reflective Accessories are also useful and well visible devices for printing your branded message.

? With regard to prices; 14 pedestrian accidents every day cost at least 28-times more to the victims and to our society together than ten thousand high quality Safety Reflectors to prevent these accidents every day for a whole year and even longer!

We keep expanding our collection to support our clients with only the best



? Be aware that some brands of reflectors may look the same but would not pass the requirement for reflectivity and give a false sense of safety to  anyone who uses them.




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